Hearth Stone


Hearthstone- this bustling metropolis is buried deep beneath the Aggeroff mountain range and is a merchant-ruled city of giants, gnomes, svirfneblin, dwarves, and half-orcs.
Giant furnaces power city-block sized steam turbines, and forges throughout the city.

Anvil Ward- A noisy district of ceaseless hammers, the Anvil Ward is the home to most of the heavy production of Hearthstone.

Yordenkien Gate is the name of the barrier gate between Hearthstone and the semi-autonomous port town of Stonesthrow. It was built after a rift in space opened a portal to the astral sea, and the city experienced an invasion of githyanki. This rift created the river Thearse as the waters of the Astral Sea poured through.

Port of Stonesthrow- Situated on the lowest level of Hearthstone, along the underground river Thearse, the port is the main convergence of trade between the Gnomish Railroad Guild, the underdark’s massive Undersea (reached by Thearse), the surface via the bustling port of Archangel, and the Astral Sea (which can be reached by sailing upriver from Stonesthrow.

Hearth Stone

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